Business is booming.

Mie Gacoan Depok, Located in Margonda, Will Open on 25th of February 2022

“Will it be open on the 25th of February?” He nodded “Yes, on 25th of February,” he said.

The location of Mie Gacoan Depok is confirmed to be on Jalan Margonda instead of Jalan Cagar Alam as it was reported before.

As when the editor of visited on Friday (11/2/2022), few people were still busy renovating the restaurant.

However, the signature of Mie Gacoan as the spicy noodles No 1 in Indonesia can already be seen.

There are some writings and signature dish names that are written on the walls such as “You Are Here Mie Gacoan.”

Chairs and tables in the restaurant are already arranged on their places but the chairs are still put upside down on the table.

There were two workers doing something in front of the restaurant, one of them who wore chocolate uniform confirmed that the new restaurant is indeed Mie Gacoan.

When asked when will the restaurant open, the workers replied it will open on the 25th of February.

“Will it be open on the 25th of February?” He nodded “Yes, on 25th of February,” he said.

So what are the location references?

The full address is Jalan Margonda Raya No.56, RT.3/RW.11, Depok, Kec. Pancoran Mas, Kota Depok, Jawa Barat 16431.

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The exact location is on the left of Geprek Bensu Restaurant.

If you are coming from Jakarta, go straight past the Depok bus terminal, the restaurant is after Depok police HQ.

Or as a reference, upon arriving at the City Hall, walk 500 meters past the Depok police HQ.

Meanwhile if coming from Bogor-Citayam/Sawangan/Cimanggis go straight to the City Hall, and go through the first turn after Dewi Sartika’s three-way junction.

From the turn, take the left lane the restaurant is located about 200 meters from there.

If using the commuter line from Jakarta or Bogor, get off the train at Depok Baru station, and walk past ITC Depok.

Use the crossing bridge on Margonda Street, then walk to the right through the sidewalk past the Depok police HQ, there will be Geprek Bensu Restaurant, and voila, Mie Gacoan is right on the left of Geprek Bensu.

It made Depok Trending.

Depok was trending because of the rumor of Mie Gacoan will open its franchise there.

The rumor was started on the 31st of October 2021, which made Depok trending.

The No 1 Spicy Noodles restaurant in Indonesia is targeting students as their main consumer.

Since the restaurant was established in 2016, it’s been very successful,

Mie Gacoan franchises has been established in Bandung, Surabaya, Malang, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Solo, Cirebon, to Bali.

Mie Gacoan Depok might attract some folks that are curios with the noodles who live in Jakarta.

A while ago, if searched on Google Map, Mie Gacoan was going to be opened on Jalan Cagar Alam Selatan No.50, RT.4/RW.2, Depok, Kec. Pancoran Mas, Kota Depok, Jawa Barat 16431.

However, on that address there are no news about the restaurant will be opened.

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The news about Mie Gacoan restaurant that will soon be open in Depok is also being reported by the restaurant’s Instagram account @Mie.Gacoan

They posted an image of their restaurant with Depok written as the headline followed by small “coming soon” written under it.

Mie Gacoan’s Vision and Mission.

“Mie Gacoan” is trademark from Spicy Noodles No 1 in Indonesia restaurant network, which is a subsidiary of PT Pesta Pora Abadi.

Established in 2016, now the brand “Mie Gacoan” has grown to be a market leader, especially in Jawa Timur, Jawa Tengah, Jawa Barat, Bali, and on their strong way to expand themselves to be number 1 the biggest brand nationally.

Having modern dining with affordable prices as their concept, “Mie Gacoan” is appreciated in every market where “Mie Gacoan” is serving tens of thousands of costumers every month.

For that reason, we will always put innovation on front so “Mie Gacoan” will always be relevant and will always be the best choice for the fanatic customer.

Mie Gacoan is the best noodle place to eat, especially for students, where they can hang out, work on assignments, chat casually, and show off together.

With such an attractive place, and also equipped with various facilities such as: wifi, power plugs, newest music, that guaranteed to make customers feel at home and always want to come back again.

Mie Gacoan’s Vision:

Is to be the best and the biggest restaurant brand in Indonesia.

Mie Gacoan’s Mission:

1. Provide the best and relevant products for customers.
2. Providing a dining area as well as a comfortable gathering space for families and friends.
3. Providing excellent customer satisfaction with very affordable prices. (Adestito Adji)

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